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Evergrow Gold

Evergrow Gold organic fertilizer is a certified product for the export market addresses exporters' challenge of getting certified organic products for their farms.

Evergrow Gold organic fertilizer contains high levels of organic matter which restore soil health, improving the farm's productivity. Evergrow Gold is certified by both the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and EcoCert, which  controls and certifies organic agricultural products following the regulations that apply to the market, allowing producers using Evergrow Gold to tap higher value  international markets.

1. KEBS Certified 
2. Suitable for all crops 
3. 50 KG packaging
4. Available countrywide 

EvergrowGold_Bag Mockup_50kg_V2.png

Benefits of Evergrow Gold

Increased yield

Evergrow Gold  complements nutrition regimes

and enables maximal nutrient uptake by plants, resulting in

over 30% increases in yield above normal farm practices.

Enhances soil fertility

Evergrow is rich in humus, organic matter, and a variety of

macro- and micro-nutrients, which help to create a “living soil,”

rich in carbon and beneficial microorganisms. Evergrow also helps

to balance soil pH and enhance water retention and soil aeration.

Improves crop-disease tolerance

With Evergrow Gold, as the plant grows stronger with enhanced

nutrition and more balanced soils, crops are able to ward off

disease vectors and pest attacks.

Offers consistent quality

Each batch of Evergrow Gold is tested in external labs to guarantee nutrient quantities are met.

Supports best practice

Farm Star can provide our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), nutrient and pathogen analyses, and any other technical data sheets necessary for internal and external farm compliance. 

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