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Evergrow is a nutrient-rich, fully decomposed organic fertilizer made of 100% organic materials. Evergrow help farmers address crop productivity issues related to crop nutrition and soil fertility.

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Our Farmers typically see a yield increase by adding our Evergrow product to their normal production management program.

Evergrow can be used on any crop. It is particularly recommended on horticultural crops, e.g Tomatoes, capsicum, onions, french beans, flowers, etc and other high value seasonal crops like coffee, tea, rice, wheat, etc.

1. KEBS Certified 
2. Suitable for all crops 
3. 50 KG packaging
4. Available countrywide 

Benefits of Evergrow

Increased yield

Evergrow contains nutrients that amend the soil. Infusing Evergrow complements nutrition regimes and enables maximal nutrient uptake by plants, resulting in 30% yield increase.

Enhances soil fertility

Evergrow is rich in humus, organic matter, and a variety of

macro- and micro-nutrients, which help to create a “living soil,”

rich in carbon and beneficial microorganisms. Evergrow also aids in water retention and soil aeration.

Improves crop-disease tolerance

With Evergrow, as the plant grows stronger with enhanced

nutrition and more balanced soils, crops are able to ward off

disease vectors and pest attacks.

Reduces need for chemical fertilizer

As Evergrow helps nutrients become more available to crops, farmers are able to maximize the impact of their chemical

fertilizer applications, and reduce on their chemical

fertilizer application rates over time.

Offers consistent quality


The quality and safety of our fertilizer is tested by independent laboratories using ISOcertified processes ensuring quality

and consistency of each batch.

Supports best practice

Farm Star can provide our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), nutrient and pathogen analyses, and any other technical data sheets necessary for internal and external farm compliance.

Usage and application

We recommend using it as an in-row basal dressing at a rate of 1.3 metric tonnes per hectare (500kg per acre). 

As exact application rates vary depending upon the baseline soil fertility of a farm and demands of the crop being grown, we recommend conducting soil analysis and crafting a regime that is customized to the needs of your farm.

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What our customers say

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My passion fruits are growing faster and harvests are bigger

Faustine Kithaka

Speech Marks-02.png

My melons look healthy and I harvest earlier

and for longer

Beth Wanjiru

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Coffee trees look greener and I'm getting more berries with Evergrow

Bernard Njanja

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