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Evergrow Korn-Kali

Evergrow Korn-Kali is a 100% organic fertilizer fortified with potassium, magnesium and sulfur. It is specifically developed to supply potassium, boost yields, and improve soil health.

Our farmers have seen over 40% yield increases when they incorporate Evergrow Korn-Kali into their regimens.
They enjoy the benefit that Evergrow Korn-Kali can be mixed with other fertilizers at any time of application.
In addition to Potassium, it has Sulfur, Magnesium, and Calcium and is suitable for all crops, particularly those that require higher potassium nutrition, e.g. tomatoes, potatoes, onions, watermelon, and many more

1. KEBS Certified 
2. Suitable for all crops 
3. 50 KG packaging
4. Available countrywide 

Evergrow Korn-Kali_Bag Mockup_50kg_V2.png

Benefits of Evergrow Korn-Kali

Increased yield

By supplying the optimum potassium crops require alongside the trace elements, Evergrow Korn-Kali enhances the plants’ metabolism, water uptake, and nutritional balance, which has resulted in an over 40% increase in yields. 

Improved quality of produce

Evergrow Korn-Kali is rich in nutrients that improve nutrient transportation and balance, has a supply of sulfate ions, and enhances metabolism, thereby improving the plant's ability to absorb nutrients, resulting in higher quality produce such as larger fruits and tubers. Additionally, its humus content also increases the efficiency of water utilization and improves water retention in the soil, effectively reducing drought stress.

Improves crop-disease tolerance

Better nutrition with Evergrow Korn-Kali increases the organic anions content and the formation of supporting tissues helps reduce susceptibility to diseases, e.g., fungus.



Reduces the need for chemical fertilizer

​Evergrow Korn-Kali enhances the accessibility of nutrients for crops, and farmers can maximize the impact of their chemical fertilizer applications and reduce their chemical fertilizer application rates over time.

Usage and application


Transplanting: 100kgs Yara Power + 100kgs Evergrow Korn-Kali

1st Topdress: 75kgs Yara winner + 25kgs NPK 23:23 + 50kgs Evergrow Korn-Kali

2nd Topdress: 100kgs Yara nitrabor

3rd Topdress: 100kgs Yara Power

Evergrow Korn-Kali_Contents_Macro Nutrients.jpg

What our customers say

Peter Kimani - Tomato Farmer in Wamunyu.jpg
Speech Marks-02.png

I started seeing more branches on the trial plot, followed by intense flowering. I noticed the tomato fruits were heavy, firm, and big at harvesting. The size was ideal for the market. I would expect a 40% increase in yield if I adopted this product on the whole farm.

Peter Kimani, Tomato Farmer

Charles Macharia, Potato Farmer in Molo.jpg
Speech Marks-02.png

I noticed that the plants had broader leaves, many branches that were strong against wind, and many flowers that were strong against the intense sun. I usually harvest about 96 bags/acre, but with this,

I expect about 150 bags/acre.

Charles Macharia, Potato Farmer

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